Monday, June 1, 2009

Huntington Beach

Last night a few of us went down to the beach to celebrate Brit's birthday. We played over-the-line, Chef Taylor made gourmet burgers, and Jon provided the kites. We've all been so busy lately I think it was nice to have a relaxing night for everyone. Here's a little rundown on how the night went... have a good week!
blog1 copy
It quickly turned into an untrained pyro event...
Jon & Trever obviously lit towels on fire,
Whitney wasn't impressed...
well maybe a little,
and Trever checked out the lower half of my girlfriend...
but all in all it was a really fun night.
Now the real reason I posted today. Since Trever has picked up a camera he has thrived on taking awkward pictures of his friends and family. This was my opportunity to get a little pay back. So with no further ado...


treverhoehne said...

HAHAHA. There will be payback. and no i wasnt checking out bri, the eyes are obviously higher than that... i was probably checking the status of the coke bomb... hehe.

tyler hoehne said...

I think the more important question in that photo is, what the heck is Whit doing??? Jazz hands.

Joshua Cloud said...

I think Whit's just shocked at what Trever is doing... or jazz hands, neither would surprise me.