Thursday, November 13, 2008

Old Friends...

A lot people don't know this but Kevin Adams and I have known each other since our freshmen year at CBU. Really, after our first couple of years we became more like brothers. Over the years we've stayed in touch, but we have definitely grown into our own jobs and lives. It's great to still know him now and see what God has been doing in his life, especially with Nicole. Kevin and I have both grown up in many ways and I know that he would credit a lot of his growth to Nicole. She is a lot of fun and it helped during this shoot. She was great about getting Kev to laugh and goof around. It was a really fun shoot, and it was good to catch up with both of them. I'm so happy for you two. Thank you for letting me be apart of the engagement and wedding. Love you guys! hope you in enjoy the pictures.


carsonbelmont said...

Good Work!! Really fun couple!!

treverhoehne said...

freakin awesome man! i really love!

Shannen Natasha said...

i love love love the colors in these mister!